Neodymium Power-magnetic stripe non self-adhesive
Neodymium magnetic stripe non self-adhesive – Bild 1
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Dimensions: 1 m x 80 mm x 1,5 mm
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02 - Description

Neodymium Magnetic Tapes - High Strength Flexible Material

Neodymium magnets are among the strongest magnets in the world. A Neodymium magnetic tape from Smagneo has a holding force 4 times higher than "normal" magnetic tape (e.g. based on ferrite).

These power neodymium bracelets have a holding force of 415 g/cm²
For comparison: holding force of a normal ferrite magnet: 92 g/cm²

. magnetic tapes made of neodymium achieve a much higher adhesive force than conventional magnetic tapes. This means that these tapes can now be used in applications where previously the adhesive force of the ferrite tapes was insufficient. The enormously higher holding force opens up countless applications for neodymium magnetic tapes.

This means that the tapes can be used, for example, in fastening technology, in furniture construction, in the kitchen, garage, workshop or in the textile sector. Neodymium magnetic tapes bring order to chaos, offer practical hanging possibilities, and show their full strength at the places where things are to be fixed and removed again and again. They do not lose magnetic force, as the neodymium material is a permanent magnet.

With a sturdy scissors or a sharp knife, the neodymium band can be cut to the desired length.
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Neodymium magnetic stripes at work
Operational Area: Office

Neodymium-Magnets are perfect for every mission in the office.

Organisation is everything - especially in the office or home-office. Using our neodymium magnetic stripes you can simply just fix all metal items to their place where they belong. It doesn't matter if it is a wall, the ceiling, furnitures or doors.

Mission: Kitchen

In the kitchen, there are a lot of things we need permanently and always reachable when preparing a meal

Our magnetic stripes are perfect with its self adhesive backside to stick on walls or your kitchen furniture. So you can keep your cooking tools always reachable and simply take and reattach at the magnetic stripe

Mission: Work shop

Neodymium magnetic stipes get their full strength in the work shop.

Perfekter grip for your tools and metallic items in your workshop or private garage. Just stick the self adhesive side the neodymium stripe to the wall, now you can attach all of the tools at your wall. This saves space

Tiny muscle-men

Neodymium magnetic stripes are extremly strong at small areas.

For example, at a 10 mm width stripe, you can attach metallic items with a total weight of several kilos.